Perth College of Business & Technology

CEO Welcome

As Perth enters a new phase of affluence, there is an exponential increase in the demand for exceptional food delivered with exceptional service. We welcome you to the Perth College of Business and Technology (PCBT) where we believe that anyone with the motivation, application and willingness to learn can acquire new skills and abilities that will enhance their opportunity to build a sustainable future for themselves, their family, community and industry. The market place rewards individuals who are passionate about their chosen field and prepared to deliver beyond expectation.

What ever your dreams of the future are, we are committed to assist and train you with the relevant sustainable skill set to help you achieve them.

The board consists of a mix of professionals and investors so that a world class facility can be created to benefit students from across the globe. Through research we discovered that Food Services are the single largest segment in the Hospitality Industry. We chose this industry area as the starting point of our college training because it will offer the students greater opportunity for employment and further university studies. PCBT will provide first class courses to further enhance pre-existing culinary knowledge and to take our students that one step closer to achieving their dreams.

Since Food Service is one of the fastest growing industries, trained and knowledgeable managers are always in demand. With our training the students will turn out not only to be an asset to the industry they specialize in but also to their country’s economic progress.

PCBT offers an increasing range of innovative training programs that provide the knowledge and skills needed for the challenges of the competitive marketplace. With a focus on practical experience and sustainability PCBT programs have been designed and developed with industry consultation to ensure the best employment outcomes.

The staff and trainers at PCBT welcome and invite you to come and join a growing college, you can grow with us as we expand into new areas of training and development. Together we can change lives and build our dreams.