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Diploma of Business

Introduction to the Diploma of Business BSB50207

The Diploma of Business BSB50207 is an excellent qualification for anyone who has completed a Certificate IV and wants to gain competent skills and knowledge in a broader business context. The qualification will enable you to work within a middle management or public service area.
The course is designed for people who want a superior theoretical knowledge and understanding of business processes to enable them to manage people, projects and administration. The core of any business is people and being able to plan, implement and manage meetings and conferences for any organisation is a vital skill to possess.
The course will be delivered by excellent trainers who are all professionals in their field and come highly qualified to train in the PCBT setting.
The Diploma of Business BSB50207 is an excellent qualification that will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform in any management setting. At the completion of the course you will be a valuable resource for any business.
The job roles you can look forward to functioning in are as an Executive Officer, Program Consultant, and a Program Coordinator. What ever your vocational skills and experience the Diploma of Business BSB50207 will provide you with a pathway to secure you place in a middle to large business environment.

Course Details

Course Code: BSB50207

Course Name: Diploma of Business


Duration: 6 Months full time
  • Two Terms consisting of 10 weeks each
  • Twenty hours per week
  • Five days per week for 4 hours/day

Note: (The hours per day and days per week may vary. 20 hours a week is compulsory for visa requirements)

Course Units

Unit code Unit Name
BSBADM502B Manage meetings
BSBADM503B Plan and manage conferences
BSBADM504B Plan and review administration systems
BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes
BSBHRM507A Manage separation or termination
BSBPMG510A Manage projects
BSBRSK501B Manage risk
BSBWOR501B Manage personal work priorities and professional development