Perth College of Business & Technology

Orientation Program

The following program will be conducted by PCBT Training Staff and utilised to orientate Overseas Students following enrolment and prior to them commencing their course training. Students will be provided with the current Student Handbook and at a minimum introduced to training staff and provided with guidance concerning the contents of the Student Handbook, student support services and the course
requirements including Training and Assessment methods.

Where an intake of more than 6 students is expected to attend an Orientation Event the following program schedule will be used.

Each term there is an intake the Orientation Day will be the Thursday or Friday of the previous week to course commencement date. Please check these dates and times when you have received your confirmation of enrolment and your visa has been issued. The Orientation Day designated you’re your courses start date will commence at 9:00 am. Contact our office for location details and students will receive the location on enrolment approval and fee payments received.

Orientation Program Schedule
Welcome Overseas Student Contact Officer (5 Mins)
Staff Introductions The Managing Director introduces various staff  (5 Mins)
PCBT History The Managing Director explains the history of PCBT and describes the Industry context in which they are training (10 mins)
WHS Safety Officer or equivalent – provides safety essentials in for Course enrolment areas. (10 Mins)
Student Handbook The Overseas Student Contact Officer provides guidance to
students in understanding there obligations highlighting Student
handbook information concerning:

Course Progress Monitoring
Appeals Policy and Procedures
Independent Conciliator
Course Deferment and Suspension
Course Transfer Policy
Fees & Refunds Policy
Support Services including legal, emergency and health services
Overseas Students Ombudsman (OSO)
Course Requirements Training Manager provides insight on the Training & Assessment approaches of the courses students are enrolled in and highlights the principles of Competency Base Training and Assessment, RPL and course credit.
Student Visa Obligations Students will be advised that PCBT management and staff are unable to provide Student Visa Advice and will refer students with questions to DEEWR or DIBP. Staff highlights any additional Visa requirements and obligations.